collection eight - the classics - 3 years of bound

collection eight - the classics - 3 years of bound

How often do we find ourselves saying 'where's the time gone?'. Time flies when you're having fun, right? When bound started, it felt a long time coming, it was something I'd worked on, thought about and prepped for years. Bringing different garments, with the level of quality required for a new brand to really enter what is an extremely over crowded industry, flooded by influencer brands and short term brands. This was the long term brand, bound was meant to progress, collection after collection, year after year.

As we enter the 3rd year, I am confident enough to state that each collection has progressed. They are numbered for this reason, it's not about seasons, it's about cohesive collections that are made for the moment. Despite the stumbling blocks of the last 18 months, limiting our travel to the factories, we have had to implement more conscious to quality control, fabric developments than ever before. It's required more sampling and longer time periods.
What collection eight brings, is the most popular, the most requested and most loved styles from the last 3 years of collections, back into a 'classics' collection. As a small independent brand, also in its infant stages, we don't have the capacity to release 3/4 colours of each design. It makes choosing the colour palettes so difficult, which as we all know, are very subjective.
Let's take the cord pants. Our first set of these were our best selling pieces, but we weren't overly happy with the fabric and how they fit. So we spent over a year sampling and deciding on fabrics for this. Believe it or not, we tested 7 corduroy fabrics before finding the perfect fabric. With added stretch, a small glimmer of shine. We now believe we have made the best and most comfortable cord pants on the market.
cord pants
These are for you, our community, bound together by originality. Brought into the brand to stand out with bold and quality pieces. Add to your collection, with these reworked classics.

Enjoy. X

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