A Safe Haven 🇲🇹

A Safe Haven  🇲🇹

A Safe Haven - Our Valletta Story 🇲🇹 

As we hit double figures, bound reaches collection ten, one we had to go above and beyond for. After warming up with our knitwear introduction in collection nine, this time round we raised the game. Getting patterns designed by a family friend in Manchester, we wanted old Italian inspired knitwear polos.


Why Valletta?

Over the last year, we watched a lot of Sopranos and we love to get our inspirations from previous eras. Things back then were more aesthetically pleasing than most of the modern fashion these days. Which is why we love bringing that originality back to life and giving a retro bloodline through our drops.
The collection therefore has Italian roots, that much like Malta, sometimes called by some as Old Italy. Narrow, neutral and beige streets with lots of steps and cobbles. Only a stones throw away from Sicily, in which our PALERMO, MESSINA & ERICE KNIT polos present their names. Palermo is actually the twin sister city of Malta.
Valletta has so much history packed into such a small place.


3 Days Spent...

This time round, we had a little longer than the 24 hours of Copenhagen. We spent 3 days exploring, including that of travelling in a 1958 Rolls Royce. This might seem extravagant, but with reason...
Rolls Royce established in Manchester, much like ourselves. This collection stems its visuals, like the knit polos to that of a 50s 60s look, made for travelling the open coats and blue skies. This Silver Cloud convertible spanned what must have been 20ft. We drove it from one side of Malta, horizontally to the other side. Exquisite. It captured the exact outcome to our story, we wanted to achieve.



 The campaign was worked on by 3 Manchester creatives. Who all travelled to the destination to bring this collection, this story, to it's Safe Haven.
Imagery & Direction shot by Callum High
Modelling by Joshua Bello
Styling by Jake owner of bound
With thanks to our driver, Charles & those at the Luciano boutique
"Stories to tell" - A fisherman in Valletta - by @callumhigh95