Our Beginnings...

bound clothing - our beginnings.

A brand born for originality, boldness and the highest quality of menswear goods.

In the Summer of 2018, bound was created and showcased to the world. It didn't start there, however. It was something in the making for a longer time period, it was a development by building a pool of knowledge, resources and mistake learning from spending in time in the fashion industry with dirty hands from the ground up.

 (The First Promo Image)

The First Promo Image


The brand name, logo and ethos was already embedded, the task was to execute entering the market with a set road ahead, a set ambience and aura. This was done by closely working with a small factory and agent, visiting them frequently to be able to build knowledge of fabrics and how to get get the best fits out of them.


(The First Wear) 
The First Wear


Through trial and error, sampling and consideration, it was then time to join an ever-changing market. The brand guidelines were always set out to be natural, original and let the garments do the talking and our customers be bold. This was achieved and stands firm to this day, with a loyal community of bound wearers. 


(Sampling Image)

There was never a though process to adhere to seasonality, or trends, hence the process has been in 'collections', as we entered with 'collection one', and each on then on after numbers in its own path. This is to be able to show a progression of the brand, from the number of styles, to the difference in patterns, silhouettes and fabrics. It allows our community of customers to identify their bound pieces, from each stage of the brands journey.
Thank you for joining the journey. The progression of bound will leave a stamp, togetherness in originality.