keep the garms fresh


    We have gone above and beyond in sourcing and using great quality fabrics in our garment construction, so this means they need to be looked after as best as possible. Here is some advice on aftercare on your goods after your purchase.

    Always wash cold on 30 degrees or lower. Never tumble dry, always dry naturally hung on rack but ideally hanger.Always iron inside out. Iron after every wash to regain shape.We strongly recommending ironing after washing to regain the original shape. Do not iron over screen print.

    Indhold, der kan skjules


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    Heavyweight items made from cottons.

    As we use 250-350gsm fabrics, these are almost 70% heavier than your standard 180gsm t-shirts, meaning they dry different. These can absorb a lot of water whilst being washed due to a condensed level of fibres.

    It therefore can have small hidden creases whilst drying over time which can make the item seems like it has shrunk, when it actually just needs a high heat iron to stretch the fibres back into its shape.

    We recommend ironing these inside out on a high heat thoroughly, pressing vertically to press out any small creases.

    Rayon shirts.

    As you can feel, rayon is a delicate fabric and therefore can have delicate minor creases. It does not require a high heat to iron it back to its original shape, we also highly recommend steaming them if you do have one available. This will ensure the shirt looks best, and also sticks to its original shape. You’ll find rayon will fit to your body shape more over time.

    Cuban collars.

    For the best cuban collar, iron or steam the collar in its shape flat. This can allow you to dictate how wide you want the collar. After ironed it will stay. If you do not want the cuban collar effect, every shirt has a hidden under-button.


    Always wash and iron inside out. Dry clean is preferable.Thoroughly iron any stiff / 100% cotton cord thoroughly after washing to iron out any creases to restore any shape loss that may have occurred.

    Cord Pants.

    With our cord pants, iron inside out to regain any shape after washing. Dry clean as always if preferable to protect longevity of a trouser. We use 100% cotton on our current cord, so do not over stretch them to protect the fabric stitching. 

    Coats & Jackets.

    Dry clean / sponge wash preferable.


    The OGDEN, MARLOWE, OKELEY along with all our knit polos as they are made from cotton or viscose are washing machine friendly (they wash brilliant!).

    For more delicate knitwear, like wool and mohair, we strongly recommend dry cleaning or sponge cleaning only. Certainly cold wash at all times with no tumble drying.