A Collaboration With Arctic Monkeys Drummer Matt Helders

A Collaboration With Arctic Monkeys Drummer Matt Helders

We're so happy to bring you our first-ever collaboration at bound, and what an extremely special way to start for us. This whole journey started off with Matt Helders, some of you may know him as the drummer from Arctic Monkeys, becoming a customer of the brand whilst they were back in the UK recording 'The Car' in June 2021 with him then uploading a story sinking a G&T in our CLAY SPLIT LS TEE. 

This then unlocked a message I had sent to Matt way back in 2019 just after starting the brand. Over time, we started to talk about a potential collaboration. What did Matt want from his own collection? Where would his inspiration come from? His style influences etc. This all happened over the next year and whilst getting to know each other throughout the process, the collection started to build with Matts childhood love for motorcycles, his obsession with 70s-style shirting and his hometown, Sheffield. 

It only felt natural to shoot the campaign in and around Matt's homes in London and LA, we felt this didn't need a big major spectacle that didn't feel authentic or organic as these were the very core values in how this collaboration began. His eye for design, whether that be interior or the collaboration pieces, really pulled the shoot together with the backdrop and the clothing working in perfect harmony. With the odd bar thrown in there for good measure. 

Having been a huge fan of Arctic Monkeys since I was 13/14, ripping their early demos off MySpace and burning them onto my own blank CD's, it's an unbelievably proud moment for myself and the brand and only a starting point for the next collaborations to stem from.


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